What Kind of Traveller Are You?

A lot of people say that if soul searching was free, they would never stay in one place for a long time. Travelling can open people up to new things and it can lead you to a total whole new perspective.

Wandering in different places does not necessarily mean moving from one country to another like you may think. Sometimes taking a trip is just about walking in a park that you have never been to before or it may be swimming in a different place from your usual one. Your travels do not have to be extravagant and it does not have to involve an airplane in order to be called travelling. Although a lot of people travel, there are different types of voyagers that roam various parts of the earth.

What type of tourist do you think you can be classified in?

Get to know the five profiles of travellers now so that you can classify yourself appropriately. Are you the type of traveller who has already done all of the activities that you are going to do all over again? Are you the type of trekker who never tries the same thing twice because you know that you still need to explore the world? Perhaps you are the type of traveller who takes vacations merely for the passion for food. There are various holidaymakers profiles that you can check out to know more.

The Collector

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You may fall under this type of category if you are the kind of person who loves to bring home items that you can never buy in your city. You are not the type who would purchase things that are already endangered as you know that this is bad for the environment. Rather, you would love to collect items that you know you can never have. Each piece that you collect will allow you to remember all of your past travels and the items that you have acquired over the years are also great conversation starters especially if you want display them at your very own home. Aside from the items that you collect, you tend to collect memories as well of situations that people will not get to experience unless they also share your adventurous interests.

The Cultural Voyager

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Are you the type who is into travel to experience a new culture? If yes, then you can consider yourself to be a cultural voyager. You are into going out whenever you can to enjoy an entirely different place. You do not need to leave your country to immerse yourself in a different culture. There may be some areas in your country that still house exotic tribes or you believe that each place in your country is somewhat different so that you can experience the small differences in culture as well. You know that you get surprised and get involved in various adventures every time you experience something new.

The Foodie

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Are you the type of tripper who loves to travel because of the food? You have to admit that each place that you are going to visit will have food that will not be found elsewhere and this may be true for those who are going to visit several countries in one go. Being a foodie may have its downsides too especially if you have a weak stomach. Avoid taking in too much of local food especially when you are not used to it as you may find yourself getting sick because of it.

The World Acclaimed Traveller

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Have you been to almost everywhere? You may also be known as the world acclaimed tourist because you have truly travelled far and wide in order to satisfy your need to be able to say "I have been there". This can be a bit harder to impress your friends because you feel and you know that you have already seen a lot of places that managed to take your breath away the first few times that you have seen those areas. Not a lot of travellers become bored with traveling however because a lot of people believe, and you may also believe that even if you go to one place, there are still some new things that you will see. There are always new things that you will get to experience.

The Rejuvenator


You may be the type of nomad who travels not because you would like to immerse yourself in a culture entirely different from your own but because you know that you need to rejuvenate from the different things that you have experienced lately. When you are a rejuvenator, you usually choose places where you know you can get the ultimate relaxation that will allow you to be ready to face the world’s challenges again. Some rejuvenators only take a short while because they just need to take a breather but some also take long in doing vacations and travelling because they know that they deserve it.

Aside from the five profiles of travellers that are mentioned above, there may still be others that you will only get to know more about as you travel more often. If you are still feeling confused about the type of explorer you are, you can check this quiz which will allows you to classify yourself to the type of tourist you are. You have to remember that there is no best type of vacationer. You travel for various reasons although most of the time, people travel in order to meet good hearted, warming people; to see sights that they have never enjoyed before and to experience something new. What about you? Do you think that travelling is something that you need to do often? Knowing the core of your desire for wanderlust will allow you to get to know yourself more.

What's your thought?