Top 2015 Europe Destination

With sophisticated atmosphere and amazing culture, Europe is an amazing place for a holiday. If you’re planning to travel, there are lots of amazing cities to visit, especially for your city break. Tourism officers, travel experts and community managers have gathered 244,696 votes to elect Bordeaux as the 2015 Best European Destination.

Check below, we have listed the top-picks of 2015 Best European Destination:

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux France cathedral

Situated in the Southwest of France, it is known as the world’s wine producer. If you’re a wine lover, Bordeaux is the perfect place to take a holiday since this neoclassical place produces excellent quality of wine. Apart from its romantic ambiance, Bordeaux has been one of the prestigious regions in France and that’s why this is considered as the Top 1 Best European destination.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon bridge 25 april-portugal

As the largest city of Portugal, Lisbon is also a fantastic place to visit if you’re taking a city break. With classical architecture and exotic museums, Lisbon shows its dynamism due to its historical influences. This city also highlights its breathtaking beach resorts, surfing spots, luxurious hotels and villas as you come across the capital’s coastal roads.

Athens, Greece

athens greece

The capital of Greece, is filled with multifaceted and fascinating history. This magnificent city is compacted with splendid monuments such as the world-renowned Acropolis that unravel its ancient civilization in the modern times. You must take a trip to Athens if you’re on a holiday since this place has a lot of hidden wonders you have to discover.

Valletta (Malta)

malta valletta

Another best European destination, Valletta is known as “The Fortress City” due to its remarkable history in which the city itself was developed by the Knights of St. John. Valletta and it was officially included by UNESCO in the World Heritage site list. This city emphasizes its picturesque sceneries such as the astounding cathedrals, ancient cavaliers and Baroque gardens that uniquely remind its well-defined history. Indeed, Valletta as the capital of Malta, is one of the destinations to look forward to when you are planning an weekend escaped.

Riga, Latvia

Riga Latvia

As Latvia’s largest city, Riga shows its flamboyance through the Gothic-inspired architectures that show its serene atmosphere. But beyond that lies its powerful landscapes, well-diversified culture, splendid beaches and incredible nightlife which make Riga as one of the greatest Eastern European capitals to visit.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Croatia

An addition to the exciting list of cities to visit during a vacation, Zagreb hits the 6th spot in Best European destination. The largest city of Croatia, Zagreb remains to be a famous destination over the recent years. The epic structures that popped up around the city were inspired by the influence of Austro-Hungarian creativity. A peaceful place, you can stroll around classical museums, enjoy gastronomic delicacies and even attend quality concerts.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

ljubljana Slovenia

Known as the “Green Capital of Europe”, Ljubljana is and underestimated place to spend your holiday. Aside from being an environmental-friendly city, the capital of Slovenia flaunts its minimalist architectures alongside its medieval structures based upon Gothic and Romanesque concepts that were products of the country’s rare history.

Innsbruck, Austria

innsbruck tirol austria

The capital of Tyrol(Western Austria), Innsbruck displays its uniqueness as it offers unforgettable alpine experiences. Identified as the “Home of the Alps”, this city became a two-time venue of Olympic Winter Games. If you’re an adrenaline junkie traveller, Innsbruck is the right place for you where you can do outdoor and winter activities such as mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding.

Milan, Italy

Milan Italy Cathedral duomo

One of the most populous city in Italy, Milan is an epitome of beauty and luxury. With vivid artistry, bustling industry and awesome nightlife, Milan is indeed a competitive metropolis. The prestige atmosphere of the city uplifts its sense of fashion and aesthetics.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Belgium

This fabulous capital of Belgium is definitely a must-see due to its grandeur scenery. The enviable lifestyle this city offers makes you keep coming back. The artistry, fashion and elegance prevail all over the city of Brussels which make it as one of the majestic places in Europe. It is also world-renowend for hosting an admirable Christmas market.

The other cities that almost made to the list are: Vienna, Barcelona, Istanbul, Madrid and Rome. Truly, with awe-inspiring sceneries, classical architecture and incredible history, there is no doubt the old continent is a perfect destination for quick getaways.

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