Hipsters In Berlin, your Ultimate Guide

Hipsters are considered to be the coolest kind of people at the moment. Someone considers them conformists, because in their nonconformity, they are conforming. They are known to enjoy music activities, clothes, and foods that are out of the ordinary (vegan). Fashion is usually the main stand-out aspect for anyone when embraces such a lifestyle.

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Mismatching and layering clothes is an act that is considered very hipster. It does not involve rocket science knowledge to figure out that you are different when you start referring to bars as restaurants, when you only want to spend your time in specific places and are no longer concerned with consumerism. Then you are well on your way to hipster-world. While these trend makers are present all over the world, they are also highly attracted to Kreuzberg in Berlin.


Hipsters are common in Berlin for many reasons. It may be because there is a profound mix of unique eateries that will entice their taste buds or the ‘freedom’ that comes with walking on the street. Oftenly referred to as X-Berg, Kreuzberg was not the fanciest neighborhood in Berlin. However, it quickly transformed itself in unique way and gave home to anyone looking to fit in. This may be exactly why many hipsters are attracted to the place.

Being a hipster in Berlin can be really overwhelming especially when it comes to showcasing their flashy style in a mainstream hipster neighborhood. Instead of trying to be outstanding, it is best to blend together with those of the same background in order to fit in and have an easier time interacting. Hipsters should not for go West Berlin, the East is a better zone for them. This is usually the place that has the peak of most activities. The East is also popular for its ethnic diversity; therefore, anyone would be able to feel comfortable. Embracing hipster ways come with a lot more than deciding to wear oversized glasses.

The following tips and tricks will help you excel in being a hipster in Berlin:

Do not put your Club Mate down

club mate berlin hipster Club mate is a fizzy energy drink, a caffeinated carbonated mate-extract beverage that will be perfect in completing your hipster look anytime you have it in hand. It really shows the rest of the crowd just how cool you are although “it kind of tastes like horse urine filtered through hay.”

Go for a second hand bike

vintage bicycle

Berlin is a bike friendly city. Hopping on a second hand bicycle will make you get around cheaply and easily. Also, it will give you something common with others who are looking to be ‘different’. This is because, hipsters are always known to ride a bike while on their way to all approved hipster hang out places, especially Kreuzberg and Freidischain.

Expand your eating options

vegan restaurant

Hipsters eat too and they are certainly known as the best kind of vegans. Berlin has the widest collection of restaurants and street food is widely embraced and be sure that the city will serve all your foodie needs. Do not be shy. There is no better way for people who share the same interests to come together than over a plate of genuine vegan food.


Make the most of the Berlin Flea Market

mauerpark-flea market berlin

If you are on an extended stay in Berlin, you will obviously want to take your style up a few notches higher. The Berlin flea market is the best place for this. Regardless of the kind of unique shirt or pants you want to incorporate into your everyday style, you will always find sure winners here. Everything at the flea market is sold at a bargain-able price. Visiting a few flea markets is a must in the German capital

Try your luck at Berghain

berghain club berlin Berghain club is what defines perversion night life for many hipsters. Passing up the opportunity to indulge and be merry with friends in this club is considered a taboo. It is the best place to unwind after a long day full of fun activities in Berlin. If you not are lucky enough to gain access at Berghain you can try Tresor for a similar experience.

Do not pass up evening coffee

coffee berlin Evening coffee houses are the best places to meet and greet. It also provides a good opportunity to know people and interact. Coffee houses are usually the “if” places for every hipster. In Berlin, Bonanza Coffee is an amazing place for a special caffeine break.

Visit galleries and museums

berlin gallery

Galleries and museums are the best place to tap into your creativity. They will give you a chance to freely think and enjoy the best that the city has to offer. While going to galleries may not sound interesting, they are a really impressive way to spend your time. After all, many hipsters are all about touring.

Even though all these tips will make you a better hipster in Berlin, there are a lot of ‘no-no’s’ when it comes to exploring this world of new style. What to avoid in Berlin:

The Berlin beer fest

If you happen to be in Berlin on the first weekend of August, attending the beer fest may really make you feel like an outsider. While you may enjoy the beer selection, you may not be very pleased with the company, especially the judgemental groups of people who often gather here. berlin beer festival

Hipster-free places

If you decide to spend your time in places where hipster does not hang out, you will not be comfortable. Avoid being the center of attention by finding places where you can hang out with many other hipsters. However, if the attention serves you right then you do not need to change. Berlin comprises of people who have different takes to hipster lifestyle. Do not let the criticism get to you if any of it comes your way. It’s important to hone your humour and always ignore critics. Socializing is also an important aspect of maintaining this kind of lifestyle. Other hipsters that are conversant with the place will be able to teach you the ins and outs. Adopting the change is also essential. Nothing is constant in the hipster world, new friends and ways of life are developed day in, day out. Always stay on track, this way, you will easily make Berlin your home.

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