Matt Harding wants you to dance with him!

Who remembers Matt Harding, the guy who used to dance around the world with a bunch of local people?


If his name does not sound familiar, watch "Where the Hell is Matt" below, you may remember him.

American video games developer decided quit his geek job to leave for a round-the-world trip, and filmed himself for two years producing a "15 dances" video.

"Sweet Lullaby" by "Deep Forest" is the background music he uses to produce the video, the original song inspired by Solomon Islands language was recorded in 1971  near Papua New Guinea.

After reaching After reaching 100 million views on his You Tube channel he has become an international star working with radios and tv  as well as collaborating with Visa and

And now let's watch his most popular video!

If you are interested to dance with Matt, we received an update of his whereabouts, he will be performing with thousands of people in Europe.

Here is the list and dates in case you want to join this adrenaline-filled experience!

• Saturday, March 12th - Liverpool • Sunday, March 13th - London • Wednesday, March 16th - Paris • Saturday, March 19th - Düsseldorf • Sunday, March 20th - Hamburg Matt Harding will pick a few locations around each city to meet up throughout the day, between the hours of 2pm and 6pm. You can pick the place and time you prefer. where the heck is matt He would love to hear suggestions from locals on where he should dance. Matt is looking for public places that are unique to the city where crowds can gather to dance without getting stopped by police. He will announce the exact locations in the next few days. He chose the cities based on where he had the most Kickstarter backers who helped fund the video. He wants to dance with as many backers as he can, but everyone is welcome to join. Feel free to invite friends. Also check his new website "Where the Heck Is Matt".

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