Tulips season in Holland, history and events

Tulips were imported into Holland in the 16th century and because of their gorgeous colours, theme festivals have proliferated throughout the country in the spring season. Dutch people spread their love for these flowers in different countries and tulip festivals are now famous in New York, Michigan, and Holland. Their connections are very strong to their Dutch roots. In the Kop-van-Noord-Holland, you can get millions of hyacinths, tulips, and other flowers that change the landscape into a beautiful sea of colours. Tulip carnival is organized in Noordoostpolder and in the middle of the tulip fields.

tulips parade

Tulip Mania

Festivals start from late April and continues until early May. Flower markets and garden flourish, Aalsmeer, Amsterdam and the houses look really wonderful. The period from 1600 to 1700 is known as a Golden Century because the international trade of Amsterdam was really strong and it was a rich city in the Western Europe. Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC) aka Dutch East India Corporation was a prominent player in the trade of Netherland with Indonesia and other lands.

tulips history

The booming economy of Amsterdam led to the trade of architecture and painting, blue glass, Chinese and luxury goods. Dutch trade was a great opportunity as they were trading with a foreign land and importing exotic goods. These goods were new for Europeans. The Sultan of Turkey sent seeds and bulbs to Vienna and it was the first time tulips met Europe.

After 1554, Amsterdam got seeds and their popularity was increased. In 1593, a study conducted by a University, discovered that the tulips could bear the harsh climate of northern-Europe. This study increased the demand of tulips in the Netherlands. These flowers were special for their magnificent colours. It was a status symbol to grow tulip in your garden.

Tulips trade


Basically, tulip plants are created in the shape of bulbs that take almost 7 to 12 years to grow a bulb from seed. From April to May, tulips flourish for almost one week. If the bulb appears during June and September, Dutch sale can be limited to the season. An elementary derivatives market is similar to modern markets because the traders were able to access tulips any time of the year. Traders had to sign contracts for the future deals in front of a legal representative. Active contract market of tulip ultimately became an important part of the Dutch booming industry.

As time went by, the Dutch tulip market became stronger and tulips were classified into groups. The rare tulips were expensive enough. Prices for solid tulips and multicolour flowers were different, sometimes irrational.

  • Couleren was used for solid color tulips, such as red, yellow and white tulips.
  • Rosen is used for multi-colored tulips, such as red, white and pink.
  • Another term violetten is used for white tulips with lilac or purple color on them.
  • Most popular tulips are Bizarden with red, brown and purple coloration and a yellow background.

Some tulips were contaminated with the “benign-mosaic -irus”, put up for sale at a premium because of their rarity and distinctive beauty. It looks like “flames” of colors on the petals of tulips.


It means “Kitchen Garden” and the history of this festival can take you back to the 15th century. Jacoba van Beieren and Jacqueline of Bavaria collected vegetables and fruits from the dunes and woods for Teylingen Castle’s Kitchen. This castle was constructed in 1641 and the estate was grown in a particular area more than 200 hectares.

Jan David Zocher along with his son Louis Paul had redesigned the gardens of the castle in 1857. Park was designed in English landscape style, and it is a famous place for Keukenhof. This estate was used as a permanent exhibition by a group of 20 exporters of flower buds. They were planning to exhibit their spring-flowering bulbs and indicate the beginning of the Keukenhof aka spring park. In 1950, the park was open for public and there were almost 236,000 visitors, during the first year. In 2016, it is the 67th edition of Keukenhof and its theme is Golden Age. It is grown as a famous attraction around the world.

National Tulip Day

national tulip day It is also known as Nationale Tulpendag and it is an official launch of the Tulip Season. Celebrated in January in popular Dam Square in Amsterdam, tulips are arranged in a temporary garden and public will be allowed for free flower picking. People can view tulips in the morning from the gangway and in the afternoon, they are allowed to pick tulips. If you want to enter in the tulip garden, you should get up early because the setting up of the garden starts at 8 AM.

Dam Square  is filled with 200,000 tulips every year!

People often come before the opening time to watch elaborated arrangements of the flowers. This line will be quite long during this time because it can be a holiday. This event will be organized on 21st January 2017.

Tulp Festival

tulp festival

Amsterdam has a traditional connection to the tulip, but these bulbs seem to have vanished from the streets. The purpose of Tulp Festival is to bring the tulips back in the streets of Amsterdam. They want to plant at least one tulip for every individual of Amsterdam. . This year, almost ½ million tulips were planted in the pots and open soil. Tulp Festival is a non-commercial and independent foundation and they want to grow maximum tulips in Amsterdam. Tulp Festival is an initiative of Saskia Albrecht.

Their dream to grow almost 800,000 tulips is going to become a reality

The festival guide is available from 1st April and its cost will be €2. It will contain the names of all tulips that will be available at the show and venues list. The event will be organized at Amsterdam-Centrum, Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Oost and Amsterdam Noord.

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